Requirements and Costs

Prerequisites for participation in the 3-year retreat

  • Participant must be Gangteng Rinpoche’s student or must have his consent;
  • Has practiced Buddhism for at least 10 years;
  • With a stable mental state, a good physical form;
  • Ability to understand and read texts in English, German, French or Tibetan (as of 2018, possible changes in the future, if texts are translated into other languages);
  • Appropriate age, not too old;

As stated above, the person wishing to participate in the three-year retreat must be mentally and physically perfectly healthy. The timetable is tight, therefore a good physical form is required for prostrations  (part of preliminary practices) and some yoga practices (tsalung). In general, participation for individuals over 60 is too challenging.

Cost for participants

The cost for the entire retreat is estimated at about 21 000 Euros per participant.
From the 21 000, 6000 euros is meant to go toward construction. The funding for the huts should
be met as soon as possible so that building can start in spring of 2020. This will ensure the
necessary basis for the three-year retreat. Participants of the retreat should first make the
payment of 6000 euros for construction work and the rest can be paid later.
Foundation work of four huts has started in 2020, thanks to the donations of Estonian people who have
been to Rinpoche’s and Khenpo’s teachings in Estonia. There is also enough money for a deep
drilled well (it can be completed in April 2021, as the land should dry a little bit more for completing it).

Persons interested in taking part in retreat should inform Khenpo Karma Wangyel as soon as possible or contact his/her local coordinator. There is also a possiblity that those living outside of European Union could participate in retreat as religious persons (nuns, monks). More information can be found here: