Construction works

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List of works to be done (as of November 2023):

Finishing of the three retreat huts: 5000 each (ceiling, ceiling insulation, walls, inside doors, kitchen corner, bathroom): total: 15000 (plus khenpola’s house: 5000)

Building of at least two more retreat huts (foundation is ready for one hut): around 15 000 for each house.

Completing of the sewage system, electricity connection and pipe works: 30 000 (we have this money to complete this work).

Doors for the houses: 4 doors installed: 1500 euros (done).

Kitchen: foundation is there, the rest has to be done, hopefully with the help of sponsors. at least around 20 000 euros.

Works: we do many works by ourselves (one person working on site)

For the houses, lot of painting work is still to be done.

For volunteers, there is an accommodation option in the nearby Umbusi buddhist center (only electricity cost in winter).

Your help is urgently needed!

Information added in 2019

As of 2019, original plan of construction of the retreat center has changed as Khenpo Karma Wangyel saw that it will take too long time to obtain necessary funds to start building works of the one big building for the retreat center. As of autumn 2019, the construction works are divided into two stages. On the first stage, small retreat houses with the surface of 24m2 will be built. In the retreat enclosure, also a kitchen including a maintenance room is being built. The first stage works include also road (done), drilling a well (done), and construction of the sewage system (not finished yet). Also, outside of the enclosure of the retreat huts, a house for Khenpo Karma Wangyel will be built (a house is necessary also for Gangteng Rinpoche, when he comes to give teachings for the retreatants and needs a place to stay).

During a second stage, a temple will be built.

An estimated cost of one retreat house is around 10 000 euros. To that amount the connection with electricity, installing of the heating system and water connection (there will be a small kitchen, a toilet and a bathroom in the house) should be added (detailed calculations are available here). Update about the document of detailed works:

Construction works started in autumn 2018.

List of works done as of 15th of April 2022:

  1. Electricity  (completed in February 2019, cost: 4,000 Euros)
  2. Small retreat houses (initial number is 4), a final project of the house is done (in January 2022).
  3. September 2020: foundation works almost finished. Problems due to lack of the road (no access for heavy vehicles).
  4. Road completed in March 2021 (some repair works in summer 2021).
  5. Wooden framework of  one retreat house done, a house is waterproof; for a second house, pieces need to be put together (waiting for soil to dry up a little bit more), for the third house, floor done, fourth house, not started yet (except foundation).
  6. Parking space done (February 2022). More irrigation works done (to divert water away from the retreat enclosure).
  7. Well drilled (February 2022).
  8. Khenpo Karma Wangyel’s house outside of the retreat enclosure: works started in December 2021. (foundation holes drilled).
  9. Foundation of the kitchen almost completed (problems with wet soil which are now almost resolved). Also, the kitchen was enlarged according to Khnepola’s plan in December 2021.

On the photo below, you can see the shape and precise location of the retreat center’s land. More information is found here.  Look for “Läänetaeva” – the name of the land in the Estonian Land Cadastre (only names in Estonian are allowed in the cadastre. “Läänetaeva” means ‘Western Sky’ – so it refers to the direction of Amitabha’s pure land Sukhavati. Guru Rinpoche is a nirmanakaya emanation of Amitabha.

Precise coordinates:

58°34′37.74″, 26°5′58.26″