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Estimated cost of construction of the retreat center

Here, estimated costs of building of the retreat center are indicated. The total cost for the project (phase 1 – the building of the three-year retreat facility) is €300,000 which will be raised on-going while the building of the retreat center commences.

Construction works started in autumn 2018.

First works to be done:

  1. Electricity  (completed in February 2019, cost: 4,000 Euros)
  2. Construction project (estimated cost: 15,000 Euros)
  3. Access road to the main building (360 meters of gravel road (3 m of width: estimated cost: 14,500 Euros)

On the photo below, you can see the shape and precise location of the retreat center’s land. More information is found here.  Look for “Läänetaeva” – the name of the land in the Estonian Land Cadastre (only names in Estonian are allowed in the cadastre. “Läänetaeva” means ‘Western Sky’ – so it refers to the direction of Amitabha’s pure land Sukhavati, and Guru Rinpoche is a nirmanakaya emanation of Amitabha.

Precise coordinates:

58°34′37.74″, 26°5′58.26″