Khenpo Karma Wangyel in Estonia, Oct 2023

Khenpo Karma Wangyel visited again Estonia and the three-year retreat center. Besides, he gave teachings in Estonia in two different places (Pärnu and Tallinn). In Tallinn he taught the profound meaning of vipashyana, highest seeing, and in Pärnu, he taught the paramita of wisdom, and the Heart Sutra.

This time, also lopön Thuji, who is now residing in France, came also to Estonia as she will be one of the participants of the first three-year retreat here, and she brought her things already here. Khenpola also marked the foundations of the other houses that will be eventually necessary for the first retreat (it depends on the number of participants but the plan is to have at least six houses ready). We have received around 3000 euros of donations in September ( we installed the doors for four houses (around 2000 euros, and got the final 9 windows (100 euros each – extremely cheap, but very good quality – triple layers and fully ready made) for the houses (a very little used windows from Sweden, high quality and at least triple layer of glass), but around 80,000 is still missing! Please donate (check our bank details under contacts).

Thujila in front of her future house