Retreat center

Work in progress (9th of May 2022)

As of 9th of May 2022, two houses have most of the insulation works done, one is missing a roof construction. We are still waiting for the wood for supporting rails for the roof – there has been an exceptional delay of two weeks and it may only arrive next week. Roof tiles arrived already.

News about the retreat center project (September 2020)

Information about the three-year retreat for the students of Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche (and those with his consent) and the update about the construction works As of August 2020, around five people have informed us of the interest of taking part in the first three-year retreat in Europe as soon as the construction works have finished. …

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First visit of Gangteng Rinpoche

“In short, all apparitions are the forms of yidams, awakened beings. All sounds are reverberations of mantras, arising of the Speech of the awakened ones. All thoughts are indistinguishable from the mind of the awakened ones. This is how the three types of apparition appear. You should practice that either during and after your meditation session, in real life. Recognition of purity is a continuous process.”