Construction update 05/04/2023

Winter has finally loosened its grip and we can slowly continue with some works. We have some money left for installation of electrical cables in the houses (including material) and construction of inside walls. However, we do not have enough money to start the sewage system works together with the installation of pipes and electrical cables (at least 15 000 euros). If we can do that, it would be possible to stay in (at least one of) the houses this summer and use it for temporary retreats before the real three-year retreat could start. For example, Sungtrul Rinpoche has said that he would like to stay for one week in summer of 2023. Of course, also later is possible. However, we are really hoping that together with everybody, we can soon complete the necessary works.


tukjé dak la jingyi lob

With your compassion, inspire us with your blessing!


tsewé dak sok lam na drong

With your love, guide us and others along the path!


gongpé dak la ngödrub tsol

With your realization, grant us attainments!


nüpé dak sok barché sol

With your power, dispel the obstacles facing us all!

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