Retreat center

Even if you were to practice day and night with unflagging diligence for a full twelve years and still fail to have even one good dream, you must never lose heart. Recognizing that this is due simply to the strength of your own obscurations, you must be confident that neither your teachers nor the teachings will ever let you down.

(Dilgo Khyentse’s Rinpoche’s advice to three-year retreatants)


First time in the West, Gangteng Tulku will establish a retreat center for his students in Europe and elsewhere in a small village of Umbusi in the middle of Estonia. If everything goes as planned, the first batch of retreatants will start in 2021 (follow the updates on our website). 

The retreat center will consist of a facility focused on 3-year retreat, as well as individual retreat huts for shorter retreats. Gangteng Tulku has instructed Sanghas to focus on building the first center of this kind in Estonia, followed by several others in Europe.

Retreat Center’s name is Samten Lhündrup Gatsel, The Delightful Grove of Spontaneous Concentration.

The building consists of 10 single rooms (13m2 of size) for retreatants,  including kitchen corner with the sink. Toilet and bathroom are shared by five rooms. In the center of the building there is a meditation hall (50m2) and a kitchen (around 35m2). 

Fundraising campaign to collect the necessary funds has started .