Construction, as of 26th of June 2024

We are working now almost every day to be ready for September to accommodate five people who will stay here for three years…

For several days now, the structure of five houses has been there and in one photo! We have also cut down all the undergrowth (about two hectares of small willows) to give space and openness to the retreat area. Also Bhutanese chilies grow in the flower bed (we have around 25 degrees here all the time, so they will grow!). Landscaping is underway (and we would need your help so much for this, such hard work).

Inside the houses, all the details (windows taping, etc.) are almost ready, plastering work can start soon. We are still extremely grateful to our donors, another very unexpected donation of 5,000 euros arrived in our account! By now, we have also bought a lot of material needed to complete the kitchen (smaller size). We have almost all the money we need for the retreat houses, but for the kitchen house we need at least ten thousand euros more… We have several people who regularly donate money every month. Just one new automatic Paypal payment was made (monthly). A water pump must also be placed in the deep well (and all connections made). Your donations and help are all greatly appreciated. Please come! (we can provide accommodation). Khenpola’s house behind the trees is waiting to be completed.