Construction works’ update, 14.11.2022

Khenpola has left long time ago but a beautiful autumn continued after his visit and we have slowly done some more works – inside one house, the structure for walls has been made and we have painted some more exterior wall boards – the quantity we did in summer was only enough for one house, now the boards for almost two more houses have been done. We are very thankful for the continuous donations and now the windows for the houses have been ordered (we got a very cheap offer for aluminum-wood windows which are very little used and in excellent condition – 100 euros per piece).

We still hope we will have soon enough money to start the sewage system works together with the installation of pipes and electrical cables (at least 15 000 euros). If we can do that, it would be possible to stay in the houses from next summer and use it for temporary retreats before the real three-year retreat could start. For example, Sungtrul Rinpoche has said that he would like to stay for one week next summer in 2023.

Khenpo Karma Wangyel is attaching the prayer flag as high as he can
Surroundings of the retreat place in autumn

One part of freshly painted boards (we did it at home nearby and brought them to the retreat place)
Rooms are coming (kitchen, bathroom and the living room)