Sewage system, electricity and water pipes

This week (14th of November) the major works of sewage system (biocleaner will be installed), installation of electricity cables (each house will have its individual cables) and water pipes’ (from the kitchen to each house) installation started. As khenpola’s house is further, there are many meters to dig. We got a final offer for the sewage system works that was 30 600 (Septicum Oü), but it does not include the cost of electrical cables – those are installed by another company who has to be present there at the same time when the ditches are dug and quickly lays the electrical cables at the same ditch. In that way, the digging works are all done together, for water, electricity and sewage system.

We do not now yet the full cost of electrical cables but it is more than we presumed and it is one of the most expensive works (as this kind of cable that goes inside earth, is costly). After those works, we can continue with works outside and inside of the houses. Also, new foundations for extra houses (there will be altogther seven foundations) will be done very soon.