About us

We are a small group of Gangteng Rinpoche’s disciples in Estonia to fulfill the objectives of Gangteng Rinpoche


MTÜ Yeshe Khorlo Eesti (henceforth Yeshe Khorlo Estonia) is an independent, non-profit seeking association for the public interest, which aim is to put into practice various cultural and social activities as well as the activities increasing mental well-being, including promoting the Buddha’s teachings in general and Pema Lingpa’s lineage in particular.

Specifically, we work to establish a retreat center with a focus on 3-year retreat for the benefit of all Rinpoche’s students in a small village of Umbusi in Põltsamaa parish, Jõgevamaa county. The fundraising campaign to collect funds for this project started in summer 2018.


Sewage system, electricity and water pipes

This week (14th of November) the major works of sewage system (biocleaner will be installed), installation of electricity cables (each house will have its individual cables) and water pipes’ (from the kitchen to each house) installation started. As khenpola’s house is further, there are many meters to dig. We got a final offer for the sewage system works that was 30 600 (Septicum Oü), but it does not include the cost of electrical cables – those are installed by another company who has to be present there at the same time when the ditches are dug and quickly lays the electrical cables at the same ditch. In that way, the digging works are all done together, for water, electricity and sewage system.

We do not now yet the full cost of electrical cables but it is more than we presumed and it is one of the most expensive works (as this kind of cable that goes inside earth, is costly). After those works, we can continue with works outside and inside of the houses. Also, new foundations for extra houses (there will be altogther seven foundations) will be done very soon.

Khenpo Karma Wangyel in Estonia, Oct 2023

Khenpo Karma Wangyel visited again Estonia and the three-year retreat center. Besides, he gave teachings in Estonia in two different places (Pärnu and Tallinn). In Tallinn he taught the profound meaning of vipashyana, highest seeing, and in Pärnu, he taught the paramita of wisdom, and the Heart Sutra.

This time, also lopön Thuji, who is now residing in France, came also to Estonia as she will be one of the participants of the first three-year retreat here, and she brought her things already here. Khenpola also marked the foundations of the other houses that will be eventually necessary for the first retreat (it depends on the number of participants but the plan is to have at least six houses ready). We have received around 3000 euros of donations in September ( we installed the doors for four houses (around 2000 euros, and got the final 9 windows (100 euros each – extremely cheap, but very good quality – triple layers and fully ready made) for the houses (a very little used windows from Sweden, high quality and at least triple layer of glass), but around 80,000 is still missing! Please donate (check our bank details under contacts).

Thujila in front of her future house

Three year retreat will start in 2024, August

Dear Dharma friends! (French and German below)

News about the three-year retreat center for Gangteng Rinpoche’s students.

We are building the three year retreat Center in the northern Europe, Estonia, and although the construction work has not been completed yet, we are announcing, as this is the wish of Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche, that the first three year group retreat according to Pema Lingpa’s tradition in Europe in Estonia, Umbusi will start in 2024, in August (the exact date yet unknown).

 Rinpoche says that it is better to announce an exact beginning time, an objective we should aim at.

There are at least five people who will start the retreat and most of them have given full amount of their retreat cost for construction works (more than 20 000 each).

We kindly ask for your support for this project – we have money for the sewage system, electricity and water connection (around 30,000)  but each individual house needs also urgently finishing works inside the house, starting from the door (around 500 euros each).

Also, one more house has to be constructed from the beginning (we need at least five houses to begin with), one house has only a foundation ready right now.

Please also donate for Thujila that she could come to Estonia right now and see the future retreat place.

We promise that all the money we receive will be used with great care and most reasonably. Here are our bank details: 

receiver: Yeshe Khorlo Eesti MTÜ 

Account (IBAN): EE212200221065708346
SWEDBANK,  SWIFT code/BIC: HABAEE2X (address is available on our website, if necessary: yeshekhorlo.ee)

and Paypal: yeshekhorloest@gmail.com


Photo is taken in spring 2023, but this summer we could do only few works because of lack of money.

Chers amis du Dharma !

Des nouvelles sur le centre de retraite de trois ans pour les étudiants de Gangteng Rinpche.

Nous construisons le Centre de retraite de trois ans dans le nord de l’Estonie, en Europe et bien que les travaux de construction ne soient pas encore terminés, nous annonçons, comme c’est le souhait de Gangteng Tulku Rinpoché, que la première retraite de groupe de trois ans selon la tradition de Pema Lingpa en Europe en Estonie, village de Umbusi, débutera en 2024, en août (date exacte encore inconnue).

 Rinpoché dit qu’il est préférable d’annoncer un temps exacte de début, un objectif que nous devrions viser.

Il y a au moins cinq personnes qui commenceront la retraite et la plupart d’entre elles ont donné le montant total de leur retraite pour les travaux de construction (plus de 20 000 chacune).

Nous sollicitons votre soutien pour ce projet – nous avons de l’argent pour le système d’égouts, l’électricité et le raccordement à l’eau (environ 30 000 euros), mais chaque maison individuelle a également besoin de toute urgence de travaux de finition à l’intérieur de la maison (chaque maison a besoind de 5000 euros a peu pres, en commençant par la porte (environ 500 euros chacune).

De plus, une maison supplémentaire doit être construite (nous avons besoin d’au moins cinq maisons pour commencer), et une autre maison n’a actuellement qu’une fondation prête.

S’il vous plaît, faites également un don pour Thujila afin qu’elle puisse se rendre en Estonie dès maintenant et voir le futur lieu de retraite.

Nous promettons que tout l’argent que nous recevons sera utilisé avec le plus grand soin et de la manière la plus raisonnable possible. Voici nos coordonnées bancaires :

destinataire : Yeshe Khorlo Eesti MTÜ

Compte (IBAN) : EE212200221065708346

SWEDBANK, code SWIFT/BIC : HABAEE2X (l’adresse est disponible sur notre site internet, si nécessaire : ​​yeshekhorlo.ee)

et Paypal : yeshekhorloest@gmail.com


Liebe Dharma-Freunde!

Neuigkeiten über das dreijährige Retreat-Zentrum für die Schüler von Gangteng Rinpche.

Wir errichten das Drei-Jahres-Retreat-Zentrum im nördlichen Estland, Europa, und obwohl die Bauarbeiten noch nicht abgeschlossen sind, kündigen wir, da dies der Wunsch von Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche ist, das erste Drei-Jahres-Gruppen-Retreat nach Pema Lingpa an Tradition in Europa in Estland, Umbusi wird im August 2024 beginnen (das genaue Datum ist noch nicht bekannt).

 Rinpoche sagt, dass es besser ist, eine genaue Anfangszeit bekannt zu geben, ein Ziel, das wir anstreben sollten.

Es gibt mindestens fünf Personen, die mit dem Retreat beginnen werden, und die meisten von ihnen haben den gesamten Betrag ihrer Retreat-Kosten für Bauarbeiten bereitgestellt (jeweils mehr als 20.000).

Wir bitten Sie herzlich um Ihre Unterstützung für dieses Projekt – wir haben Geld für die Kanalisation, den Strom- und Wasseranschluss (ca. 30.000 Euro), aber jedes einzelne Haus benötigt auch dringend Innenausbauarbeiten, angefangen bei der Tür (jeweils ca. 500 Euro).

Außerdem muss von Anfang an ein weiteres Haus gebaut werden (wir benötigen zunächst mindestens fünf Häuser), für ein Haus ist derzeit nur das Fundament fertig.

Bitte spenden Sie auch für Thujila, damit sie jetzt nach Estland reisen und sich den zukünftigen Retreat-Ort ansehen kann.

Wir versprechen, dass alle Gelder, die wir erhalten, mit größter Sorgfalt und möglichst vernünftig verwendet werden. Hier finden Sie unsere Bankdaten:

Empfänger: Yeshe Khorlo Eesti MTÜ

Konto (IBAN): EE212200221065708346

SWEDBANK, SWIFT-Code/BIC: HABAEE2X (Adresse finden Sie bei Bedarf auf unserer Website: ​​yeshekhorlo.ee)

und Paypal: yeshekhorloest@gmail.com