Road works completed

In the beginning of March 2021, after lot of unforeseen difficulties, the road to Yeshe Khorlo three-year retreat site was completed.

In the beginning we had lot of challenges, as we had to change the company (because soon in the beginning it came out that the first company did not use a proper technology to construct a road in a place which was more wet than usual), but then finally found a constructor who used a much better techology to construct this kind of road – therefore instead of stripping the onsoil and filling it with a huge amount of stones and gravel), the new company who was an expert in construction of wet forest roads, heaped the earth and higher than the rest of the ground, covered it with geotextile and a usual layer of gravel was spread on top of it. The road has ditches on both sides (more than half of the length) to be sure that the water is led away. Already 45 tons vehicles were driving it (with gravel). Only some more finishing works are still to be done.