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Gangteng Rinpoche in Estonia – registration

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Let us come together and transform the future Yeshe Khorlo’s three-year retreat center’s land into Zangdokpalri – Guru Rinpoche’s abode. It is said that this can be done specifically through the practice of tsok offering (feast offering).

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Gangteng Rinpoche’s program 2019. Estonia included: July 10-12, 2019

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Gangteng Rinpoche’s program (in English and Estonian) 2019. Estonia included: July 10-12

Germany, Munich. Saksamaa, München

20.6.2019 – Rinpotše saabub Münchenisse. Rinpoche arrives to Munich (kuukalendri 4. kuu 18. päev. 18th day of the 4th lunar month).

21.5.  – puhkepäev. Rest day. (4. kuu 19. päev, 19th day of the 4th lunar month).

22 – 24.6 – Kurukulle pühitsus ja õpetused. Kurukulle empowerment and teachings. Kuukalendri 4. kuu 20.-22. päev;  20 -22nd day of the 4th lunar month).

Poland. Poola, erinevad paigad (Lõuna-Poolas Kudowa Zdroj lähedal)

25.06. –  Reis Poolasse. Rinpotše soovib reisida autoga. Travel to Poland, Rinpoche wishes to go by car. Kuukalendri 4. kuu 23. päev.  23rd day of the 4th lunar month).

26.06.  – Puhkepäev. Rest day.  Kuukalendri 4. kuu 24. päev.  24th day of the 4th lunar month.

27 – 28.06. – Avalik loeng. Public teaching. Kuukalendri 4. kuu 25.-26. päev.  25th– 27th day of the 4th lunar month. Topic: Entering Great Completion: Pema Lingpa’s lineage and legacy. Suure Täiuse teele asumine: Pema Lingpa õpetusliin ja pärand. 

29.06 – Kurukulle pühitsus rinpotšele kingitud uuel maatükil Jarkowis. Kurukulle empowerment in Jarkow (new land). Kuukalendri 4. kuu 27. päev.  27th day of the 4th lunar month.

30.06.  – Künzang Gongdü pühitsus. Künzang Gondü empowerment. Kuukalendri 4. kuu 28. päev.  28th  day of the 4th lunar month.  

01 -7.07. –  Bardo eralduslaager. (Gangteng rinpotše kogu õpetustsükli kõige viimane osa, milles saab osaleda vaid siis, kui kõik eelnevad osad on tehtud). Bardo retreat. Kuukalendri 4. kuu 29. päev kuni 5. kuu 5. päev.  29th day of the 4th lunar month – 5th day of the 5th lunar month.

Estonia. Põltsamaa county, Umbusi village. Eesti, Põltsamaa vald, Umbusi

08.07.  – Reis Eestisse. Travel to Estonia.  Kuukalendri 5. kuu  6. päev. 6th day of the 5th lunar month.

09.07.  – Puhkepäev. Rest day. Kuukalendri 5. kuu 7. päev. 7th day of the 5th lunar month.

10 -12.07. (kolmapäev, neljapäev ja reede)  – Guru Kalliskiviookeani pühitsus (Guru Rinpotše) koos suure tsoki (pühitsetud toidu) praktikaga. Empowerment of Lama Norbu Gyatso. Tsokkor. kuukalendri 5. kuu 8.-11. päev. 8-11th days of the 5th lunar month.

Ukraine. Ukraina

13.07.  – Reis Ukrainasse. Travel to Ukraine. Kuukalendri 5. kuu 12. päev.  12th day of the 5th lunar month.

14.07.  – Puhkepäev. Rest day. Kuukalendri 5. kuu 13. päev.  13th day of the 5th lunar month.

15 – 21.07.  – Künzang Gongdü pühitsus (täielikus mahus, lisaks dzogtšeni osad). Künzang Gondü empowerment.  Kuukalendri 14.-19. päev. From 14th day to 19th day of the 5th lunar month.

22.07.  – Rinpotše lendab Bangkokki. Rinpoche travels to Bangkok. Kuukalendri 5. kuu 20. päev.  20the day of the 5th lunar month.

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Pema Lingpa’s Sangha Officially Registered

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Pema Lingpa’s Sangha Officially Registered

In order to fulfill the objectives of Gangteng Rinpoche in Europe and in Estonia, the students of Rinpoche first created a non-profit association Yeshe Khorlo Eesti in Estonia in 2016.

However, as a non-profit association cannot organise the coming of the resident teacher in Estonia, an official Sangha (Pema Lingpa’s Sangha) had to be registered as this procedure falls within the competence of the Sangha. That was  was done on the 7th January 2019.  As of January 2019, the Sangha has 12 members. 

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Khenpo Karma Wangyel in Estonia in 2018

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Khenpo Karma Wangyel, the resident teacher for Europe of Yeshe Khorlo will give teachings about ”phags pa’i bden pa bzhi” – the four underlying realities understood by the noble ones.

Time: 23rd Nov (18PM-19.30PM); 24th-25th of November (from 10AM to 18PM)

Place: Kullo gallery in Tallinn Old Town (Kuninga 6).

Language: translation from Tibetan into Estonian (on special request other arrangements can be made).

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Fundraising Campaign

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Here, the original contents of the letter are displayed:

The first center dedicated to retreat for the Pema Lingpa tradition in Europe (leaflet is found here)
“Even though we ourselves might not be able to go into the traditional long retreat at this time, there is great merit in helping others to do it” says Khenpo Karma Wangyel.

In Europe, there are many options for Buddhist practitioners, yet centers dedicated solely to retreat are rare. With the blessings of Gangteng Tulku and Sungtrul Rinpoche, under the leadership of Khenpo Karma Wangyel, the Yeshe Khorlo European Sangha is in the process of establishing such a center in the peaceful forest lands of Estonia. The name of the retreat center is Samten Lhündrup Gatsel, which means The Delightful Grove of Spontaneous Concentration. The center will consist of a facility focused on 3-year retreat, as well as individual retreat huts for shorter retreats. Gangteng Tulku has instructed Sanghas to focus on building the first one in Estonia, followed by several others in Europe.


Yeshe Khorlo Estonia Sangha already has 10 hectares of land in the beautiful Estonian countryside, nearby the village of Umbusi, the birth place of the first Estonian Buddhist saint brother Vahindra. The land was generously donated by Khordong Association in Estonia, and has been blessed by both Gangteng Tulku and Sungtrul Rinpoche in two separate ceremonies. On this land, a retreat facility will be built starting in autumn/2018.

The building will have 10 separate rooms for retreat participants, and a common meditation hall in the middle. The first batch of retreatants will start their retreat at the beginning of 2021 under the guidance of an English speaking retreat master.


Out of the three trainings—learning, analysis, and meditation—the traditional long retreat program emphasizes meditation. The program provides an ideal basis for the wholehearted focus on developing meditation practice in an environment where causes for distraction and other obstacles are minimized. The long retreat program in the Pema Lingpa tradition consists of 6 months of preliminary practice, followed by deity practice, tummo, tsalung, and Dzogchen meditation such as trekchö and thögel. All the instructions will be given directly by the retreat master in English.


Together with other kinds of Buddhist centers, retreat centers are significant causes for the spreading and longevity of Dharma. Such centers become the cause for purification of karma of countless beings. The sutras explain that the merits of building Buddhist Monasteries and Institutions are inconceivable. These merits will never decrease or diminish.


The total cost for the project is €300,000 which will be raised on-going while the building of the retreat center commences. Opportunities are provided for both one-time donations, and monthly commitments. In addition to financial support, prayers and auspicious wishes are most welcome. Details for sponsor packages, together with bank account and PayPal information:

Perfection Sponsor


(1 available in total)

Donate €50,000 or more and sponsor the Lama room and meditation hall. Includes a 50-year room rent fee waiver for one retreatant at a time and a name inscription in the Meditation hall statue, entrance, and meditation hall.

Vajra Sponsor


(10 available in total)

Donate €10,000 or more and sponsor the building of a retreat room. Includes one 3-year retreat room rent fee waiver and name inscription in the hall.

Lotus Sponsor


(20 available in total)

Donate €5,000 or more and sponsor building infrastructure. Includes first-year room rent fee waiver and name inscription in the entrance

Building Sponsor


(100 available in total)

Donate €750 or more and sponsor the building of the retreat building exterior. Includes name inscription in the entrance.

Tree Sponsor


(100 available in total)

Donate €100 or more to sponsor the growing of a beautiful lush forest around the retreat center and the surrounding area.


Monthly Donation
Commit to a monthly donation of any amount and support resident Lama expenses and other recurring costs.


Name: Yeshe Khorlo Eesti MTÜ

Account: EE212200221065708346



More info: or

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First visit of Gangteng Rinpoche

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“In short, all apparitions are the forms of yidams, awakened beings. All sounds are reverberations of mantras, arising of the Speech of the awakened ones. All thoughts are indistinguishable from the mind of the awakened ones. This is how the three types of apparition appear. You should practice that either during and after your meditation session, in real life. Recognition of purity is a continuous process.” Extract from Gangteng Rinpoche’s public talk in Estonia 2017. 

In 2016, a group of Gangteng Rincoche’s students in Estonia found Yeshe Khorlo Estonia, a non-profit organisation to fulfill the goals of Gangteng Rinpoche in Estonia. Rinpoche, who is the lineage holder of Pema Lingpa’s tradition of Nyingma school, has an objective to establish here a 3-year retreat center for his students and other followers of Buddhadharma, who are interested in practices of Pema Lingpa’s tradition.

Gangteng Rinpoche, who is also the current head of Nyingma school in Bhutan, visited Estonia in summer 2017, from 28th of July to 29th July. He gave a fascinating public talk in Tallinn about the Vajrayana tradition in general, having the focus on Dzogchen tradition in particular. The video of the public talk is found here. It is in Tibetan, translated into English (oral translation) and Estonian (subtitles).

After that, Gangteng Rinpoche gave in the village of Umbusi, Umbusi Dharma center in Põltsamaa parish, an introductory lecture about the essence of Dzogchen teachings, from three aspects – ground, path and fruit.

On the last day, on the 29th of July , in the morning, Rinpoche performed the riwo sangchö ritual on the Yeshe Khorlo retreat center’s land which was offered by Khordong association in Estonia (Umbusi Buddhist center). Ths particular plot of land was personally chosen by Khenpo Karma Wangyel, the resident Khenpo of Europe in November 2016. The riwo sangchö ritual was accompanied by a short story about the merits accumulated by those who are acting as sponsors for the Buddhadharma.

In the afternoon, Rinpoche gave  an initiation of Amitayus, belonging to the treasure cycle of Pema Lingpa (tshetri dorje threngwa).

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