Gangteng Rinpoche in Estonia – registration

REGISTER HERE GURU RINPOCHE EMPOWERMENT and FEAST PRACTICE (tsokkor) Let us come together and transform the future Yeshe Khorlo’s three-year retreat center’s land into Zangdokpalri – Guru Rinpoche’s abode. It is said that this can be done specifically through the practice of tsok offering (feast offering).

Gangteng Rinpoche’s program 2019. Estonia included: July 10-12, 2019

Gangteng Rinpoche’s program (in English and Estonian) 2019. Estonia included: July 10-12 Germany, Munich. Saksamaa, München 20.6.2019 – Rinpotše saabub Münchenisse. Rinpoche arrives to Munich (kuukalendri 4. kuu 18. päev. 18th day of the 4th lunar month). 21.5.  – puhkepäev. Rest day. (4. kuu 19. päev, 19th day of the 4th lunar month). 22 – …

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First visit of Gangteng Rinpoche

“In short, all apparitions are the forms of yidams, awakened beings. All sounds are reverberations of mantras, arising of the Speech of the awakened ones. All thoughts are indistinguishable from the mind of the awakened ones. This is how the three types of apparition appear. You should practice that either during and after your meditation session, in real life. Recognition of purity is a continuous process.”

Sungtrul Rinpoche in Estonia

In accordance with the request of Gangteng Rinpoche, from 7th to 9th April 2018, Sungtrul Rinpoche, an emanation of Pema Lingpa, gave teachings and performed the earth ritual (sa’i cho ga) in the future retreat center’s land, placing the naga vase in the middle of the 3-year retreat center building.